Sunday 29 October 2017

#CelebratingSuper - A super duper life as well as a super duper status

I love Delhi as it’s my birthplace. I am born & brought up in this city only. It’s so beautiful that in my opinion, none of the Indian cities can match with it. It is also called mini India, as someone from almost every part of India, lives here. As a result, food and culture of the entire country can be seen & found, in one or other part of this mega city. The huge rush is visible at almost every eatery, be it the South Indian, Punjabi, Italian or Chinese. I just read in a newspaper that there is a Persian street also, though I have not yet seen it.

It has a huge lot of traditional values along with the most modern community. On the one side, you can find the Burkha clad ladies moving on the roads, while on the other side you can find the modern generation dancing at the pubs. On the one side you can locate the older Tanga moving in the congested lanes, while on the other side you can find the most modern Ola, Uber as well the  Delhi Metro, connecting the entire city. We have the traditional Sadar Bazar as well the most modern Malls, Khan market, Central Market, South Extension, Lal Quarter, as well as the world famous Connaught Place.

The NCR areas have become the hub of IT sector as well as industrialization. Entering Gurugram gives the impression that you have reached to a new world with huge buildings with more modern designs. Almost every big overseas company has its office in this part of the NCR. The areas around Sonipat also have so many foreign companies with big industrial units in operation. Noida & Greater Noida have also developed significantly. There is no doubt that Delhi has emerged as a smart city and the residents here have got a super life as well as the super status. The city is so well connected digitally, that you can move the entire city without any cash and can pay using your mobile, even without your Debit or Credit card.

Truly, Vodafone has connected the entire Delhi and the NCR region in such a way, that it has become the most sought-after company being imbibed with the hallmark of trust and worthiness, it is maintaining its position in the most judgmental breeds of humanity that dwells in Delhi through its awesome endorsement and marketing skills by throwing campaigns, giving away lots and lots of discounts to its customers in the mainstream, thus putting a million dollars pacifying smiles on the face of daily users of Vodafone.

Truly, it has crossed the landmark of over 1.2 crore connections in Delhi and NCR region, which is definitely a great achievement. Its free WI-FI zones, Airy-purifying bus shelters as well as the dedication to support the startups are worth praising. Vodafone has also contributed to the development of the city by providing the 4G connectivity and that is also one of the reasons, that residents here are feeling a super status with a super life.

In spite of the great efforts of the concerned authorities, this mega city is still suffering from various critical issues, such as the rising levels of the Air Quality Index, i.e. Air pollution as well certain civic issues, that include the cleaning of the river Yamuna, i.e. the lifeline of Delhi. If our authorities could show the dedication as shown by Vodafone in the city, there is no doubt that soon the residents of Delhi and NCR will get a Super Duper status as well as a super duper life.

Please get yourself connected to the Vodafone and if you require any more details, please log on to  as we all are #CelebratingSuper in this mega smart city in a much better environment.

Friday 22 September 2017

Masking is the new swag ?

"Is Masking the new swag?(Satire on the contemporary world). Wait, wait, wait? What? Masking???? How can it be a swag? uh! (Pun intended).

Yes, you read it correctly, Masking!
The word Masking compels me to cook stories in my mind and it pans out reminding me about my childhood fantasies which resurrects at the moment, the mask mans and super heroes from superman to satan, arrives at the airport of my mind. Ha-ha Yes! And maybe yours too.

But do they really exist among the super advanced urbanities of the 21st century, which is the era of fashion and trend, but yes, these days putting on a 'mask' is a real trend. You must be wondering why?

"Concrete cum ferocious reality".
Dwelling in such a polluted city and in order to protect ourselves from the outdoor as well as indoor pollutants, that include not only the filthy smokes emitting from industries and vehicles, but also the foul smells of paints, varnishes, furniture, carpets, walls, molds, kitchen & a lot more indoors, which are not just deteriorating our health but in addition to it, they are also the major factors responsible for the worsening condition of the depleting ozone layer. 

Just go down the streets of the city, and you will meet all the superheroes and super heroines in their perfectly attired masks  trying to protect themselves from nature's rage but does the shit ends here?? No! It doesn't. You have to wear this mask even indoors.

It is an ironical fact that despite being acquainted with the ferocious reality we have not taken the concrete steps. Preventing ourselves from the outdoor exhaust we tend to believe that we are safe, we have protected ourselves from decay, but the concreteness of reality will send shivers down your spine as we are not safe even inside our home.

The fact is that the proportion of exhaust is much more in our own houses than it is outside and nevertheless we call it the best place to live in. Isn't it ironical? Yes, it is, Aghast! It is next to impossible to rectify our surroundings as a whole, but we can manage to make a difference at our individual level.

"Charity begins at home".
Before taking the initiative to redress the country we should give it a go with some initial efforts towards our personal space, none other than our home. Earlier the phrase ' a family together is the best place to call home ' should now be changed to a family together in a safe subtle atmosphere is best suited to call home.

"Unveiling Royale Atmos - Adieu masking ".
In order to bring change in the society, introducing to you the most trendy, pious, elite and a product of worth, The One and only ROYALE ATMOS - a Paint that helps purify the air and yeah!! The Paint of the year.  For the very first time in India, Royale paints have introduced something which no other brand had ever tried.

So what are you waiting for? 
Give it a go man and try your hands on this freshly panned out ROYALE ATMOS, a product just like my freshly brewed content. Push yourself away from the ashtray of brutal atmospheric oppression and get into the euphoric world of the freshly painted aura, where the dream of living in heaven like purity can become true, with Asian paints that has come to your rescue.

Adieu poor air quality, emissions from household products, pesticides, urban chimneys, Gases such as radon and carbon monoxide emitting out of refrigerators and pillows, mold and pollens. Moreover Materials used in the building such as asbestos formaldehyde and lead pollutes the aura of a perfect house. Good bye to all the stumbling blocks, with the entry of ingression of Royale Atmos in the scene.

Say hello to your pigmy sized four pawed friends and their pollens as nothing can harm the serene atmosphere created by Royale Atmos, it works like a protective shield to your house. It sounds like an old school narrative where the hindrances use to overcome by some supreme sort of power and hear the life saviour Royale Atmos once again unraveled the reminiscence of childhood.

I would certainly suggest you all to rectify your mistakes before it's too late because it's already the high time to take preventive steps for the betterment of our future. It's time to pay heed to this small cum big change that will certainly bring positive outcomes not only in your life but in to health too. I have mapped out my favourite colours to be painted on the walls of my house from the freshly brewed edition by Royal Atmos and it's your turn to switch your oldies, now bid them farewell and pay a warm welcome to this heavenly product and experience the mesmerising aftermaths. Please log on to

Saturday 3 June 2017

HomeComing of Terror - House of cards Review - First Episode Season 5

Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!

House of cards, paragon of American television series which is an adrenaline packed adventure, illuminating political fervour with a blend of pragmatism and witticism which is starkly conspicuous from the vantage grounds of the protagonist Frank underwood.

It is an awesome tale with a gripping plot imbibed with various adventures which will send shiver down your spine. It carries several digressive plots each filled with something applaudable.

Scene opens with a deliberate murder of a journalist, while Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), are seen trying transforming the murder for their own sake. The whole scenario commences with a direct telecast, where Claire is saying, You have nothing to be Afraid of. We are here to protect you”.  She continues, “There’s a lot of noise out there, a noisy press that’s choosing to dwell on the past instead of what’s happening right now,” But as soon as the camera zooms, it reveals that it was the recording of an election telecast.
The scene is then directed to the American Congress, where a senate wants a debate on the actions of the President and his declaration of war on terror. But the reply he gets from the Frank was, “ I am on my way to the funeral of an American patriot. A good man. A husband. A father who was beheaded on American soil. And this chamber chooses to debate me.”
Despite the fact that the creator of the series, Beau Willimon is no more connected with the series, the first episode of the, House of Cards,  season 5, still looks as smart as earlier. It shows the President of the United States of America, as a strong and angry person, with no regard to the political values. The show almost matches with the working style of Donald Trump, the existing president of America.
Perpetual efforts of Frank to outsmart the growing popularity of his Republican rival Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman) is deciphered distinctly and manipulative actions by waging a war against the terrorist organizations, with the sole aim of creating fear in the commoners for the sake of retaining his own presidency.
He is shown as a true opportunist, with more concerned with his own reelection as the President. He capitalizes the issue of the insecurity of the people in the hands of the terrorists, just to regain his popularity as well to retain his seat. 
Deliberate efforts of Frank underwood, persecuting commoners are only done to quench his own selfish pursuit of acquiring dictatorship leaving the viewers in stark indignation towards the principal character.
NEVERTHELESS, incredible amalgamation of frank’s wits and a fantabulous blend of pragmatic politics  is attributed to make the subsequent series more inquisitive and Famous.
Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!You can view more details about the new series at #HOConZCafe